I’ve never been the best at writing introductions and bios, so here goes nothing…

Hi, all! You can call me Fox, I’m a 26-year-old amateur photographer living in California with my boyfriend and 3 cats, and I’m actively working to improve my skill set. I’ve been interested in photography for several years now but until very recently I never really had the encouragement and support I needed to pursue it.

My local college offers a basic photography program but I decided it wasn’t right for me and would rather save my money for a nice camera, instead I’m absorbing every bit of information and educational material I can find online, which is quite a lot actually.

At the moment I wouldn’t say I have a specialty, I just take pictures of anything and everything that catches my eye, although I do really love animal and nature photography. I have done very little portrait photography, so over the next year, I’d like to work in that area especially.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but I’d like to make 2017 my year of improvement, I want to hone my skills as much as possible before my trip to Finland this coming summer, and who knows, maybe I’ll even enter a contest or two and make a little money along the way.


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